Community Investment

The Fox & Hounds is owned by a local Community Co-operative.  We welcome new donators and investors who want to be part of something that will make a difference to our community for generations.

The Fox & Hounds (Denmead) Community Co-Operative have developed a model of community investment which is designed to ensure the pub remains both profitable and sustainable for the tenant, whilst at the same time giving our members a minimum 3% return on their investment.

In 2014 the Society raised £489,000 to purchase and refurbish The Fox and Hounds, which re-opened for trade on December 6th 2014 and continues to trade under licence (owned by the Co-operative) through a tenant. The cost of purchase and refurbishment was raised via a combination of a Community Share Offer, a Commercial Mortgage and various Grants. Shares in the Co-operative are ‘Withdrawable Shares’ and can only be sold back to the Co-operative, they are not tradable or transferable.

The Fox & Hounds (Denmead) Community Co-operative also accepts gifts and donations, perfect if you are simply looking for a way to support our vibrant and inclusive community here in Denmead.

Every investor or donator automatically becomes a member of   “The Friends of the Fox”

We have set up a Social Sub-Committee who will arrange events for members and their guests.  Please refer to the ‘news & events’ or ‘members news’ tags on this website for these. The ‘offers’ tag shows local traders who are giving selected discounts to members.